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Open Letter

Dear Valued customers!

First of all, Tan Quoc Dung Company is pleased to send you our warmest greeting and wishes you plenty of health and everything to your liking.

           Tan Quoc Dung Company is one of the companies specializing in the production of stainless steel and steel pressure tank, stainless steel hot water tank, oil tank, electrical panels, cable support system and accessories for cable support system. In addition, possessing a variety of modern machinery, our company also deals with mechanical processing with high precision, creating high-quality well-designed products.

Founded in September 2002, over 13 years of establishment and development, we have received the trust and confidence of customers on product quality, price and service quality. Along with the motto: "Sincerity and creativity", we have created closeness and mutual trust with customers for the continuous innovation and development.

Once again, Tan Quoc Dung Company wishes good health to our valued customers, and thank you for the kind attention and cooperation of our customers over time. We hope to always serve and bring peace of mind and comfort to our customers.

Sincerely thank you!